Strategy Command

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Strategy Command

Innovative, on-demand, and integrated capabilities for strategy formulation, alignment, and implementation

Strategy Command

Platform Tools

Strategy Command includes tools and capabilities for strategy formulation, alignment, and implementation

Formulate Strategy

Identify and assess opportunities and threats. Formulate strategy and plan deployment.

External Assessment

Identifies and tracks emerging external critical trends, threats, and opportunities that the new strategy should address

Internal Assessment

Reveals the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization that should be leveraged or mitigated to implement strategy

Competitive Landscape

Defines the marketplace or industry structure of competitors, their products and how they are offered to the different market and/or customer segments with unique needs

Strategy Framework

Provides tool templates and logic to describe a directional vision and strategy statements at the enterprise, business unit, or IT levels

Business Profile

Defines the current and future product and market segments, and areas of strategic priority and growth in return goals

Strategy Road Map

Strategy Road Map depicts the deployment of strategy phased over time; identifying and connecting strategies, programs, and implementation initiatives


  • Integrated remote enterprise, business and IT strategy formulation tools, workflows and templates
  • Innovative approaches for effective visioning, strategy planning, and roadmapping
  • Incorporates internal, external, and competitive analysis


  • Enterprise-wide strategy on-demand
  • Fast, effective, and innovative formulation
  • Faster execution and results through intergrated alignment and implementation

Why Strategy Command

Static strategy is the fastest path to failure. A weak strategy process will always result in poor business results. In an environment of rapid change, the old static processes of strategy are inefficient, ineffective, and lead to poor business results.

The Old Strategy Process


Organization and processes are rigid and slow to respond


Organizations and processes are standalone siloed

Top Down

Decision making is slow, inefficient, and ineffective


Organization and processes are poorly designed, inefficient and ineffective
Strategy Command transforms strategy management through remote, on-demand capabilities and tools
  • Enables organizations to quickly reset and deploy enterprise-wide strategy and plans
  • Augments existing operational systems and can quickly utilize different data sources​
  • Provides new powerful tools for strategy formulation, alignment, and implementation​
  • Improves the quality and collaboration of planning and decision making​
  • Increases accountability and drives better business results 
  • Saves time through intuitive user interfaces, standardized workflows, and dynamic reporting​

Strategy Command


Strategy Command works across the entire enterprise


Provides a platform of web-based tools and orchestrates enterprise-wide strategy alignment and execution

Unit and Functional Leadership

Provides business unit and functional strategy tools for planning, decision-making, alignment, execution and tracking and reporting

Planners and Analysts

Provides web-based analytical and facilitative tools for strategy analysis, formulation planning, deployment and tracking