Stratana for Service Organizations

Platform solutions to transform service delivery

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for Large and Mid-size Consulting Service Firms

Stratana for Service Organizations

Stratana’s cloud-based platforms and solutions create new revenue streams for service organizations by providing integrated tools to deliver distributed consulting services


Evolution of Consulting

SaaS solution platforms will transform the way hybrid consulting is delivered in the future


Traditionally before the pandemic, consulting and the workforce was largely on-premise


The sudden global pandemic forced consulting and the workforce to adopt remote workflows and tools


Now, the hybrid workforce and consulting has emerged -- providing services anytime, anywhere

Digitally transform strategy to action

Stratana Platforms

Stratana Platforms provide integrated remote tools for complete enterprise strategy and technology managementLearn more about platforms

Strategy Command

for CEO/COOs | Unit Leadership | Consultants

Innovative, on-demand, and integrated capabilities for strategy formulation, alignment, and implementation

Portfolio Command

for CIOs | Technology Leadership | PMOs | Consultants

Integrated capabilities for decision making and management of portfolios, programs, projects, and performance metrics



Decision Making

Survey customers and employees, facilitate and conduct strategic prioritization, decision-making and roadmapping

Program/Project Management

Manage programs and projects to assure better delivery with project dashboards and reports to monitor project status

Performance Management

Track and report on strategic and essential business, financial, and operational measures across the organization

Portfolio Management

Manage and optimize the performance, cost, and impact of your portfolio of systems, products, projects, and capabilities

Tactical Strategy Program

Empower organizations to remotely align people, processes, technologies, and strategies for the future


Distributed Consulting Services


Consultants use Stratana platforms and solutions to create tools and reports for client engagements

Stratana Platforms

Stratana hosts tools, workflows, and templates in web-based environment. A Stratana Architect supports consultants with advanced builds and setup


Clients can access Stratana portal to view reports and work with consultants on engagement deliverables – anytime, anywhere


Work with Stratana?

Reach Customers

Deepen customer connections and delivery reach by providing on-demand, integrated portals, tools, and workflows

New Revenue Streams

Offer customers new levels of value-added consulting and long-term support through new differentiated capabilities and business models

Reduce Costs

Enable consultants to work anywhere, anytime - reducing the cost and downtime spent on traveling and on-premise consulting

Improve Speed and Productivity

Improve consultant productivity with Stratana’s scalable workflows and templates

Improve Engagement Quality

Deliver high quality, efficient remote services and engagements with Stratana's easy-to-use, proven software tools

Better Business Results

Realize better strategic results and customer satisfaction with Stratana's platforms combined with effective consulting services

How Partners Can

Work with Stratana

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Strategic Partnership Agreement

Form a strategic partnership with Stratana to use Stratana platform solutions in your client engagements or internally

Customer Licenses for Engagements

Deploy client-specific licenses, to allow your consulting teams to use Stratana platform solutions in client engagements