Platform Benefits

Stratana can help your organization transform its strategy and business

Whether you need only one or multiple solutions, Stratana's solutions are effective and designed to work seamlessly together


Stratana tools are designed to work together seamlessly


Stratana tools are easy to learn and use right away


Stratana tools are built to be flexible to meet any workflow
Cloud Based
All Stratana SaaS tools are secure and accessible via web browser, anywhere and anytime


Stratana is accessible via any modern web-browser, no installation required


Stratana is cloud-based and accessible on-demand and updates automatically


Stratana is safe and secure, adhering to modern security requirements
Stratana's solutions and platforms works for businesses of any size, at all levels from top to bottom

Senior Executives

Stratana's platforms and solutions supports the strategic, business, and operational needs across all levels and units of the organization

Unit and Functional Leadership

Stratana's platforms and solutions serve the business and operational needs of unit leaders across the organization

Departments and Project Teams

Manage program and project implementation, costs, resources, risk performance results



Decision Making

Survey customers and employees, facilitate and conduct strategic prioritization, decision-making and roadmapping

Program/Project Management

Manage programs and projects to assure better delivery with project dashboards and reports to monitor project status

Performance Management

Track and report on strategic and essential business, financial, and operational measures across the organization

Portfolio Management

Manage and optimize the performance, cost, and impact of your portfolio of systems, products, projects, and capabilities

Tactical Strategy Program

Empower organizations to remotely align people, processes, technologies, and strategies for the future

Digitally transform strategy to action

Stratana Platforms

Stratana Platforms provide integrated remote tools for complete enterprise strategy and technology managementLearn more about platforms

Strategy Command

for CEO/COOs | Unit Leadership | Consultants

Innovative, on-demand, and integrated capabilities for strategy formulation, alignment, and implementation

Portfolio Command

for CIOs | Technology Leadership | PMOs | Consultants

Integrated capabilities for decision making and management of portfolios, programs, projects, and performance metrics