Portfolio Command

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Portfolio Command

Integrated capabilities for decision making and management of portfolios, programs, projects, and performance metrics

Portfolio Command

Platform Tools

Understand Performance. Decide, Manage, and Measure Improvements.

Understand Performance

Understand the performance, cost, and impact of the organization’s portfolios of services, systems, and capabilities

Portfolio Management

Provides portfolio views, tools, and analysis for managing the lifecycle of assets, systems, products, vendors, and projects

Internal Assessment

Reveals the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization that should be leveraged or mitigated to implement strategy

Performance Management

Defines, tracks, and reports on scorecards and performance metrics and goals


  • Portfolio management with enterprise, unit, and functional analysis, system lifecycle management, reporting and analytics
  • Multi-level architecture of the enterprise portfolios incorporating: products/services, systems, projects/processes and capabilities
  • Comprehensive inventory of value-generating services, processes, systems, technologies, applications and capabilities


  • Identifies the services, processes, systems, technologies, applications and capabilities that are underperforming and need improvement
  • Identifies gaps in the current portfolio that require new strategic innovation
  • Gain an evidence-based understanding of the total cost of your existing major systems, technologies, and applications

Why Portfolio Command

Global pandemic and uncertainly changed everything. The processes, programs and projects supporting legacy IT systems may no longer support the organization's new remote work environment. Failure to rapidly upgrade and/or transform your legacy systems to an optimized and integrated cloud enabled systems portfolio can destroy significant value and limit the organization’s competitive future.

Failing To Transform

Failure to transform your systems portfolio destroys significant value. Every organization competes on capabilities powered by investments in operational, business, and IT systems. Future success depends on leadership to improve, eliminate or replace under-performing systems and strategically invest in new systems that will assure better operational and financial results.

  1. Deficient systems
  2. Lead to poor business processes
  3. and lower services quality
  4. more dissatisfied customers
  5. and weak business results

Portfolio Command


Portfolio Command works across the entire enterprise


Provides a platform of web-based tools to manage the enterprise's portfolio of systems, programs projects, and performance metrics

Technology and Application Leaders

Provides web-based tools for application and system portfolio analysis optimization, improvement, tracking, and reporting

PMO and Project Teams

Provides web-based tools for program, project, and resource management to the PMO and project teams